Ultrafein-Filter für Öle und Kraftstoff
Ultrafein-Filter für Öle und Kraftstoff

Ultra-Fine Filtering of Fuel

Clean and water-free fuel protects injection pumps and injectors

The high injection pressures of modern diesel engines require clean and water-free fuel, that is often unavailable (purity according to ISO-norm 4006 18/16/13). In many cases standard filtering is insufficient.

The high filtering performance of an additional hw ultrafine filter of down to 0.5 micron ensures that only clean and water-free fuel is injected into the combustion chamber of the engine. This protects the injection pumps and injectors, and prolongs their lives significantly. The reliability of engines is thereby increased and costs are reduced.

Due to
its low flow resistance the hw ultrafine filter can be installed in the suction line. The return flow goes into the standard filter which is less polluted and its service life greatly increased.

The hw ultrafine filter filters out up to 94% of particles and water.