Ultrafein-Filter für Öle und Kraftstoff
Ultrafein-Filter für Öle und Kraftstoff

Ultra-Fine Filtering of Gearbox Oil

Gearboxes are exposed to high loads. Contamination of gear oil increases constantly during operation and the oil must be replaced after a certain period of use. Clean and water-free transmission oil reduces wear and prevents damage. However, standard filters are generally unable to keep transmission oil sufficiently free from harmful solid particles and water. 

The hw ultrafine filter has a markedly increased filtering capability (retaining particles down to 0.5 micron) and filters out up to 93% of solid particles and water in comparison to standard filters.


Fitting an additional hw ultrafine filter ensures efficient removal of solid particles and water. Consequently, transmission oil is kept clean and free of water prolonging significantly the time interval between oil changes.


The costs for fresh oil and waste oil disposal are significantly reduced. The hw ultrafine filter is installed with an additional pressure reducing valve.