Ultrafein-Filter für Öle und Kraftstoff
Ultrafein-Filter für Öle und Kraftstoff

Ultra Fine Filter With High Filtration Efficiency for Any Kind of Oil and Fuel

Even very polluted fuel is filtered clean and free of water

For over 15 years, thousands of engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems etc. have been equipped with additional ultra-fine filters. They have contributed significantly to increase the reliability, extend the life time and reduce costs.

The contamination of the oil increases constantly with normal standard filtering, and the oil must be replaced after a certain time. The performance of the hw ultrafine filter, however, is about 20 times higher than the standard filter (up to 0,5 micron). Abrasion causing solid particles and water are continuously absorbed, and the oil is kept clean and free of water. This allows oil change intervals to be extended considerably. The wear on engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems is minimized which reduces significantly the costs for oil, maintenance and repairs.

Especially favorable is the the hw ultrafine filter for fuel. Modern engines with high injection pressures require a clean and water-free fuel, which is often not available. A standard filtering is in this case not sufficient. Additional hw ultrafine filters ensure that clean and water free fuel is injected. This prevents damage to the fuel injection pumps and injectors, and prolongs their life significantly.

The hw ultrafine filter has been developed and patented by Horst Weiland. Sales and installation are handled by authorized dealers. The hw ultrafine filters can be used for lubricant-, transmission- and hydraulic oil as well as for fuel.