Ultrafein-Filter für Öle und Kraftstoff
Ultrafein-Filter für Öle und Kraftstoff

Ultra-Fine Filtering of Hydraulic Oil

Clean and water-free hydraulic oil prevents damage

Ninety per cent of faults in hydraulic systems are due to contaminated oil and water in the oil. Even fresh oil is in some cases contaminated. Standard oil filters are generally incapable of keeping hydraulic oil sufficiently free of harmful solid particles and water. During operation, contamination by and water increases progressively and hydraulic oil needs to be changed after a certain period of use.


The hw ultrafine filter has a filtering capability of down to 0.5 microns. It filters out abrasion causing solid particles and water permanently. Using this filter allows up to 98%of the solid particles and water to be filtered out (in comparison to standard filtering), significantly increasing the reliability of hydraulic systems and allowing less frequent oil changes.   


Hydraulic plants become less prone to trouble thus reducing costs for maintenance and repairs. Fewer oil changes mean a reduction in the costs of purchase of fresh oil and disposal of used oil. Furthermore, reducing the volume of waste oil helps in protecting the environment.


The hw ultra fine filter is installed in the pressure-free return line.