Ultrafein-Filter für Öle und Kraftstoff
Ultrafein-Filter für Öle und Kraftstoff

Ultra-Fine Filtering of Lubricating Oil

Clean lubricating oil protects the engine and extends the oil change intervals

After an oil change up to 15% of the contaminated oil is left in the engine. Thereafter, the pollution of the oil during operation of the engine increases constantly. It must be replaced after a certain period of use, because standard filters cannot absorb abrasion causing solid particles of less than 10 microns and water.


On the other hand, the additionally installed hw ultra-fine filter keeps the oil constantly clean and free of water. The performance of the hw ultra-fine filter of up to 0.5 micron is about 20 times higher than that of the standard filter. Abrasive causing smut, i.e. combustion-, oxidation- and/or abrasion particles are continuously filtered out. The fine sealing of piston rings is improved. Thus less oil gets into the combustion chamber which reduces oil consumption. Smaller particles of less than about one micron remaining in the oil cause  no damage, but on the contrary, they increase the load carrying capacity (lubricity) of the oil.


The hw ultrafine filter also binds water, thus counteracting the formation of acid. There is less friction due to better lubricity of the oil, which reduces wear and tear and increases the life time of engines. The oil change intervals can be extended considerably, reducing the cost for fresh oil and the disposal of waste oil . The reliability of engines is improved and maintenance and repair costs are significantly minimized. Scarce oil resources are preserved and the environment protected.


Regular oil tests show the correct time for an oil change, and can detect any damage at an early stage. With hw ultra-finefiltering, oil has been used without changing for over 20,000 hours.